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More writing exercise, hi!  Three sources have independently touted Janelle Monae to me:

Sound Opinions review on NPR. The science fiction themes caught my attention there.

My fuckbuddy from the midwest (and currently living there), cited her being five foot tall and ninety pounds soaking wet but having a-maz-ing pipes, and James-Brown-channeling moves. He stated that she does this thing sliding on the side of her foot and it looked like she was almost levitating! Jay-Z's protege, he mentioned, which is odd he opined, as Jay-Z generally has execrable taste.

[He happens to be 48, very fat, is some sort of very embittered and understandably discouraged socialist, and is white-appearing. And is pretty darn nifty for a straight guy. I only recently found out that I did not totally introduce his ass to being penetrated, but he was unaware of how transcendant being pegged could be. I'm talking a sort of pleasure-seizure-aftermath which was kind of scary to witness, and unfortunately occured just when I was trying to leave to catch my plane. Hee. (I did make the flight)]

And also from my former lackey at my workplace, who is 22 and from Manila (and is rather lean). I'm not clear on his macro politics; we seem to agree a lot on gender and race and sexuality stuff. He's really into Artaud and way more intensely dense theory than I have read in years. I lent/gave him a copy of the Ethical Slut - and he's using it to good effect, it sounds like! :)    I like him, to an unusual degree, and miss that he's no longer employed as my minion.  I feel that absence as a lack, which is unusual for me. For years I've amiably ignored my student-assistants at work, except when asking them to do onerous tasks. But now I'm used to chatting a bit on intriguing topics and I miss it and specifically his personal angles.

[And yeah, I'd like to spank him then fuck him blind. I'm mostly not his type, but heck, might as well give it a try. In any case I may actually try to keep in touch. Well, I didn't pounce when I saw him today but... I may accumulate the courage.]

He (a youthful former assistant, not the fuckbuddy cited above the cut) described her natty menswear, and a video in which she's depicting this entertainment android. And at the end she disintegrates into light and he was struck, struck with the realization that this is a black woman doing a piece on being owned and annihilated.

People are ganging up on me to check out Monae!   And yeah, I'm liking "Tightrope" which is playing right now.    :)    I may just take the step I do about only every what, every few years - buy a recording of music, new and at retail price, for myself.  And I'll probably eventually get organized enough to plan another trip to see that midwestern fuckbuddy soonish. Oh, and I might unprecedentedly inquire of my former flunky if I may flirt with him, too.
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